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    Andrew Harmel-Law


    Tech Principal

    Andrew Harmel-Law is an overenthusiastic tech principal for Thoughtworks, where he specializes in domain-driven design, Java/JVM technologies, Agile delivery, build tools and automation, and organization design. He’s motivated by the efficient delivery of large-scale software solutions, and he understands that people, architecture, process, and tooling all have key roles to play in achieving this. His experience spans the software development lifecycle across many sectors including government, banking, and ecommerce. Andrew also has a passion for open-source software and its communities, and he enjoys open-sourcing his code. He’s been involved with OSS as a user, contributor, expert group member, and paid advocate – most notably as one of the Jenkins Job DSL originators. He shares his experiences through consulting, mentoring, writing blog posts, and speaking at and organizing conferences.

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