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Donnerstag, 08.02.2018   |   09:50 - 10:35 Uhr   |    CDDo 1.2 | Raum 05

When to use Serverless? When to use Kubernetes?

There is a lot of debate whether to use Serverless or Kubernetes to build cloud-native apps. Both have their advantages and unique capabilities which developers should take into consideration when planning new projects. We will throw some light on the topics ease of use, maturity, types of scenarios, developer productivity and debugging, supported languages, DevOps and monitoring, performance, community and pricing. Cloud-native architectures shift the complexity from within an application to orchestrations of microservices. Both Kubernetes and Serverless have their strengths which we will discuss. Besides the core development topics, developers should also understand operational aspects how complicated it is to maintain your own systems versus using managed platforms

Niklas Heidloff
Developer Advocate

Ansgar Schmidt