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Dienstag, 04.02.2020   |   16:15 - 17:15 Uhr   |    FDi 2.4

Robotic Software Testing: Unleash A Whole New Level Of Productivity

By 2023, 500 million new apps will be created. By 2025, majority of corporations would have migrated to SAP S/4 Hana. Your business’s software landscape would become more digital and complex. Your readiness to thrive in such rapid development and to offer unmatched quality will differentiate you from your competitors and determine your success.
The highly interconnected landscape would render your test automation tools obsolete. Have you wondered:

  • Why should you have test automation?
  • Does your test automation scale with need?
  • Where are you investing: manual testing, maintaining test automation or improving automated test coverage?

Target Audience: Business Development, Product Manager, IT-Project Manager, Software Architecture
Level: Beginners, advanced, well experts may participate as well but I don’t intend to go very deep.

Nikhil Sharma
Qentinel GmbH
Head of product management