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Mittwoch, 05.02.2020   |   12:00 - 12:45 Uhr   |    KeyMi1

Volkswagen's Journey Towards A Software-Driven Company – Challenges, Opportunities And Successes

In their keynote, Peter Garzarella and Holger Urban will be talking about Volkswagen's software development journey. They will take a deep dive into the topics "Controlling Complexity" and "Software Development". They aim to answer the questions: What kind of technologies does Volkswagen use? How does Volkswagen do things? And why do they do them the way they do? You will learn more about the history of Software Development at Volkswagen, modern software solutions in factories, future plans, success stories; And of course – Volkswagen’s worldwide Software Development Centers, their different working methods and what they are currently working on.

Holger Urban
Office Director SDC Wolfsburg

Peter Garzarella
Head of Group Software Development