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Mittwoch, 23.01.2019   |   15:45 - 16:30 Uhr   |    KeyMi2

Evolutionary Architecture and Governance: What's the Future Like?

Evolutionary Architecture provides a new frame of reference for thinking about issues of architecture and, importantly, architectural governance. The tools and techniques provide a mechanism for automating many of the governance activities undertaken by Enterprise Architects, and not just at the scale of static code analysis. Use of these approaches and tools can free up time of the architects and the development teams to have more meaningful discussions about the implications of some of the standards and how to address some of the issues arising from the standards. This talk describes some of these approaches and the tools used, including discussions around communicating standards and handling exceptions. We then examine what governance can look like as techniques in AI and ML continue to advance.

Rebecca J. Parsons
ThoughtWorks, Inc.