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Donnerstag, 24.01.2019   |   17:45 - 18:30 Uhr   |    KDo 2.7

Development at Scale: Scaling Agile beyond Frameworks

For engineering and development teams doing software development at scale entails new challenges. These challenges are in particular more prominent when trying to still keep your teams "agile" as they grow beyond a couple of teams.  This interactive session explores core principles and practices of scaling agile, irrespective of the agile framework used. You'll learn about fundamental concepts to consider and pitfalls to avoid when scaling agile.  Bring your most challenging scaling questions: "How do I prioritise technical work vs features?", "How do I keep engineering practices up to par?", "How do I manage cross-team and external dependencies?", "How do I keep my teams self-organsing, still ensuring architectural alignment?"

Taghi Paksima
improuv GmbH
Partner, Agile Coach