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Mittwoch, 23.01.2019   |   13:45 - 14:30 Uhr   |    KMi 3.4

Developing a Quality Engineering Workforce

Automation and AI are starting to have an impact on the overall IT workforce. Add DevOps and Agile plus new technologies that challenge whole industries like self-driving cars, blockchain or IoT and it becomes clear that a tester’s skill need to adapt as well. But it’s not only the individual that needs to rethink their future – what about organization’s ability to staff or deploy the right people to projects? Learning strategies for an agile workforce? Roles and responsibilities in multi-functional agile teams where roles are actually a thing of the past? Tasks that are all automated anyway? The Quality Engineering workforce of the future needs to answer all these questions and cover the competencies we need as quality professionals.

Matthias Rasking
Quality Engineering Lead

Inga Becker
Capability Development Architect